Pyra DNA 30

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The Pyra offers vapers a new level of class, being entirely handmade in France from exotic Gaboon Ebony and rolled brass. The Pyra’s engine is powered by the incredibly intelligent DNA 30 chip set from Evolv, which provides a highly customizable vaping experience that maxes out at an astonishing 30 watts, along with several integrated safety functions. Without a doubt, the Pyra is one of those rare devices which offers uncompromising luxury, appealing aesthetics, and functional versatility to exceed the expectations of any vape enthusiast.



• Handmade in France by Picolibri

• Constructed from Solid Gaboon Ebony and Hand-Rolled Brass

• Variable Wattage Box Mod

• Brass 510 Connector

• DNA 30 Chipset

• Serialized

• Wood Imprints: Picolibri Logo, Serial Number

• Uses an 18650 Battery

• Charging and Pass-through Capability Via Micro USB Port

• Digital OLED Display

• Included Accessories: Microfiber Polishing Cloth, Wood Treatment Wax


DNA 30 Specifications:


• Power Regulated Digital Switch-Mode DC-DC Converter

• Utilizes a Small OLED Display

• Onboard Buttons

• Synchronous Rectification for Maximum Battery Life and Minimal Heat Generation

• Output Power: 7 - 30 Watts

• Output Voltage: 4 - 8.3 Volts

• Output Current: 10 Amps

• Atomizer Resistance: 0.5 - 3.0 Ohms

• Input Voltage: 3.2 - 4.3 Volts

• Input Current: 1.5 - 12 Amps

Note: Price is for one Pyra mod.  Batteries not included.  These devices are very limited in production and no two are exactly alike as each mod is hand made.  Due to the manufacturing process of each device, some mods will have small gaps in between parts as they are hand fitted together, and some brass will not be perfectly round as each brass piece is hand rolled.  Products are sold "as is" through this website unless stated otherwise.  For warranty repair issues, please contact Picolibri of France directly.  Contact information can be found here, Each device was tested to be sure that it worked properly prior to shipping out to customers. 


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